Marinas in BVI – Valuable Real Estate

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The March edition of Country & Townhouse discusses the elite yacht industry and its potential for real estate. While many folks worldwide are worried about jobs and buying groceries, the very rich are still building toys. They state that all the boat building yards are scheduled at capacity until 2013.

And where do the superwealthy park their super yachts? The number of available marinas and berths worldwide remains limited, while the number of yachts has doubled since 2000. We all know that shortage moves prices up, and the BVI happens to be one of the prime locations for marinas.

The Caribbean is top of list for these seamen, because it’s wonderful sailing, a great climate, and some real estate developments here offer berths for the large vessels. Property here has gone up in value 10% in the last few years, the BVIs are an offshore financial center, and enjoy Category I status for its marina. This means the wealthy with the biggest yachts can moor next to their marina properties and get tax breaks.

Nanny Cay, on the south side of Tortola, is BVI’s flagship marina, all with docks. Srub Island, due to open in July, a new private island resort, offers land to build your own home and moorage, as well as finished villas.

BVI is one of the best real estate invesments in the Caribbean region. Conact one of our Coldwell Banker agents for more information.

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