At its 6th annual pension education and economic development conference ,held at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, Florida, on July 13-15, 2011, Atlantic Connection Ltd. recognized Clarence Faulkner of the British Virgin Islands for his ‘continued support and his exceptional contribution to Global Fiduciary Education and Fiscal Responsibility.’
During the presentation, Atlantic Connection Co-founder and Executive Director Calvin White stated that, ‘over the years he had known and interacted with Faulkner and recognized his unwavering passion and commitment to protecting pensions in the Caribbean Region.’
White recalled the inaugural meeting in Bermuda some 6 years ago, where discussions were held on how countries within the Caribbean region could better protect and manage their respective reserves. ‘Leaders emerged during the conversations,’ White stated, ‘and there was no doubt that Faulkner was respected by his peers.’
Since that time Faulkner has rendered invaluable support to the Atlantic Connection conferences, providing advice and ensuring that the conference agenda items were relevant and substantive to the Caribbean region.
In October 2010, Faulkner was asked to chair a Working Group, commissioned by the Heads of CARICOM Social Security Systems to determine the most effective mechanism to pool resources within the region, which enhances the management of regional reserves, and contributes to the long term sustainability of regional Systems.