Melanie Amaro, who recently won the American X-Factor competition along with a $5-million recording contract, has said she is committed to promoting the BVI.
She was responding to a statement in a telephone conversation today with Premier and Minister for Tourism Dr. D. Orlando Smith, who said the BVI Tourist Board will speak with her about possible areas of mutual co-operation.
‘I love the BVI, it is my home. I will definitely promote the BVI. When people ask me where I am from, I am always proud to tell them I am from the BVI,’ Amaro said.
The Premier also congratulated Amaro, ‘You have made the Government and people of these Virgin Islands extremely proud. We were rooting for you from day one. We were admiring your progress; all hands were on deck voting for you each week, Melanie. We had thrust our weight behind you 110 percent because we wanted you to win,’ he said.
‘We were intrigued with your poise, grace, humility and the strength of your voice,’ he said, adding, ‘You are an inspiration to us all and we are so proud of you, so much that December 23 was declared ‘Melanie Amaro Day’.