Hurricane awareness: a priority for the next month

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The Public Information and Education subcommittee of the National Disaster Management Council, will for the next four weeks, be focusing on hurricane, flood and landslide awareness for residents and those on their BVI VACATION.
Hoping to get the public to become more prepared for these disasters, a series of radio tips, print ads and posters and are to be released.
Chairman, Geraldine Ritter-Freeman said, “PIE is working hard along with many private, local companies to get the public to be prepared in the event of a disaster. For this next week, we should start to see posters, print handouts, radio and TV messages, and also special incentives. I hope the BVI community listens!”
Committee member, Linton Leonard said, “It is important for the public to get to know these tips for themselves and their families. We want BVI households to memorize the facts and procedures. In the event of an actual emergency these tips may be much harder to receive and we need to be ready.”
The campaign officially started this week and will continue for the next four weeks.

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