Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby! You will no doubt have millions of things racing through your mind as you prepare for this huge next step in your life. For those who have began to look the web for advice and tips you will have realized that there are many lists available advising what you should purchase and organize for the impending arrival of your brand new bundle of joy. But exactly how should you go about preparing your living space and yourself so that you are as prepared as possible for this big event?

Here are a few essential things to consider when you’re planning and preparing to bring your new addition home.

Nursery – Measure the room to make sure your purchases and gifts will fit. If you’re painting, search for environmentally friendly paint. Non-VOC (volatile organic compound) fresh paint will reduce fumes that create head aches, nausea and respiratory system problems. Make sure that the tint is also VOC-free, as a lot of them are not.

Electricity – If you have some lights or home appliances which are not working but have delayed checking the electrical system in your house, don’t leave it any longer. If you are confident you know what you are doing, switch off the power supply and test the electrical wiring. It may also be a good idea to call in an expert and have them check things out. Buy special plugs for electrical sockets and don’t make them appealing by putting decorative covers on them.

Stairs – Stairs are a cause of many injuries, for any age or size. In addition to installing baby gates, ensure all carpeting on the stairs is safe and that a handrail is attached securely and safely to the wall or floor on all stairs.

Prepare Some Meals – Your freezer will be your best friend when the baby comes. Make sure it’s well stocked with tasty, home-cooked food while you get the chance. Prepare some casseroles or other healthy, filling foods that are easy to defrost, warm up and eat. You’ll be thankful for this following a busy day taking care of your newborn!

In reality its not necessary to complete an excessive amount of jobs around the house to really make it safe for a newborn. After all it’s likely to be a long time before they’re moving around! Concentrate on getting the essentials in position – clothes for the baby, diapers, feeding equipment, blankets along with a cot or moses basket. This way whenever you do come home with the baby, you are able to concentrate on recuperating, relaxing and bonding with your new arrival.

Having learned the ways to prepare your home and yourself for when you bring home your new arrival, now is the time to concentrate on the rest of the things that’ll be taking up your time (and wallet) for the next 18 years. If you are thinking about using the equity in your house to alleviate the financial impact of having a baby, think about a home re-finance.

If you are looking free up some cash from your home to assist with the in your newly found baby expenses you might want to speak with a mortgage Expert and use a mortgage calculator to determine what you can save.

Your life is going to change completely soon, and all the preparation and planning in the world will never be enough to prepare you for the biggest and best experience of your life. However, planning helps relieve tension and anxiety. Taking time out to organize the little details before the baby makes an appearance can help to take the weight off of your shoulders for when the time comes.