When people consider moving to TORTOLA RENTALS, safety is always a top concern for tenants and they are prepared to pay more for security, even in tough economic times.

Landlords who make security important will boost their reputation, keep tenants longer, safeguard property values and lower maintenance and repair costs.

This really is much more important now as vacant foreclosed homes dot communities, local government authorities cut budgets and more former home owners have to depend on land lords.

When searching for a condo, tenants should request upfront what land lords do to make sure the property is safe. At the least, each unit must have lockable windows and doors with a peephole. This is a legal requirement in some states and metropolitan areas.

Inquire with the landlord to find out if they run background inspections on tenants and if there is a neighborhood watch program. Are there security cameras, a doorman and sufficient lighting in parking lots and pathways?

The owner will only be accountable for what’s included in the lease, so study it thoroughly prior to signing. If you would like something dealt with before you decide to take the property, ensure that it is written into the lease.

You shouldn’t be passive regarding your security and leave it to your landlord. Here are a few steps you can take:

– Never buzz anybody in to the building you do not know. Exactly the same is applies to holding the door for somebody entering whenever you leave your building.

– Buy timers for lighting, radios and televisions to produce a sense that someone is home when you are not.

– If your new apartment does not include an in-unit home security system, purchase affordable but effective security technologies like small-entry sensors, wireless door chimes or motion sensors.

– Use scare tactics like setting up window graphics advertising an security alarm or perhaps a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign.

– Ensure the landlord changes the locks before you move in, so you are the only key-holder for the apartment. Make sure one of your locks is a dead bolt.

Security is a very important consideration for anybody moving into a new rented property. It should be top of the list for both renters and landlords so that both parties can be sure that the property is sufficiently secure.