Do you have a spare room in your BVI Home? Do the kids drive you mad with their video games and having their friends over? Perhaps you have a keen pool or snooker player in the family, or maybe you are simply looking to add some more fun to your home for when you have family and friends over?

Creating the ‘Ultimate Home Game Room’ is not as hard since you may think. ‘Ultimate’ does not always mean it has to be the most expensive game room either. It simply means it’s ultimate for you, your loved ones and your friends.

The basic elements needed for each game room include ‘games & signs’. Thats as easy as it is to create that game room atmosphere. Obviously some organization will be needed, you wouldn’t want a mess of posters, pub signs and neon signs filling up your walls

Creating Your ‘Ultimate Home Game Room’

The best place to start is with the wall colors Many of the best looking game rooms have two-toned wall color schemes. This means creating a high border around the room of about 12-24 inches wide. Then painting the rest of the room in a complementary color.

Selecting a color scheme is fun. You could use things like your winning super bowl team colors, your senior high school / college colors, the colors of your home country or perhaps a favorite painting or place you’ve visited. If you still find it impossible to choose the colors, just choose 2 complimentary colors. It is often a good contrast if you use a darker color for the border and a lighter color for the rest of the room. This has two advantages – It will brighten the room and help your signs and posters stand out.

The next design decision will be the type of flooring. There’s a number of different types of flooring that can be used in game rooms. A couple of good examples would be hardwood, vinyl, cork, bamboo, carpet tiling, ceramic tiling, rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting. If your game room is in your basement then hardwood flooring should be disregarded as an option for flooring due to moisture problems in basements. Checkered tiling is a very popular look for game rooms and it always looks best to match the colors to your walls.

Now comes the ‘FUN PART’. You may want to create a theme for your game room or just produce an all out fun room for everyone to enjoy…

The first thing to begin with at this stage is the furniture. If you are developing a theme your furniture must match. For instance if you are opting for a ‘Beach or Hawaiian Theme’ then the best tables, chairs and accessories would be made from wicker or rattan. Otherwise if you simply want a great game room make sure your chairs and tables match.

The next factor to think about would be the lighting. For those who have a theme, say a sports theme, then look for pub lamps, swag lights and floor lights which have your favorite sports team name on. To have an Asian theme you’ll want bamboo lamps and hanging lanterns. For general game rooms, bar lights with your favorite drink or food on would be perfect!

Now you are ready to decorate your walls! You will need Posters, Neon Signs, Clocks and much more to get started. Once you have decided on the types of wall hangings you will have in your game room, there are many online shops which could have just what you are looking for. Leave gaps and spread all your items out, this way you will ensure that they are noticed and appreciated. Remember that you spent time painting your game room so you would not want to hide it completely.

Now it is time to choose the best games tables, however do bare in mind that it is not just the cost that matters when you are shopping for these it is also a good idea to measure your room to ensure the tables you decide on will fit in comfortably. The most popular types of games tables are undoubtedly pool and snooker. Two other great additions are Foosball and air hockey. One game that’s overlooked a lot is Shuffleboard, it is a game which is fun for the whole family and is simple and easy to play.

Why not consider other game room games, for instance a pinball machine is good fun or even a retro slot machine. A space saving game like darts may also be considered. If you want to design part of the games room especially for the kids and their friends, why not install a TV screen on the wall with their games consoles attached, a comfortable sofa may also be placed by this area for comfort while they spend time gaming.

Music is a great element to add to any games room and what better way than with a jukebox, this will provide your game room with individuality and also create another focal point for visitors. The best way to get great sound from a jukebox is to connect it to a hidden stereo in the room.

Now you have all the basic elements to create the Ultimate Games Room although you will always find various accessories to add to the room. However with the basics covered you can get ready to have some of the best parties and get togethers around!