Handy Items Every First Time Home Needs

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Everybody thinks about the big essentials when moving into new TORTOLA RENTALS: painting, purchasing furniture, getting on with roommates. Although these things are important, there are also smaller items that are just as necessary to have around in case you need them.

You may not appreciate this today or tomorrow, but you will at some time. So, be prepared just like a good scout. The hardware store should carry everything in this list.

Screwdriver, hammer and wrench

Every home must have a little toolbox, but at the bare minimum you’ll need this trio of tools. Imagine: How would you hang pictures with no hammer? How would you assemble your furniture with no screwdriver? How would you adjust your bicycle saddle with no wrench?


If you’re shopping for furniture, you’ll need to know exactly much space you have to fit in a bed, couch or dining room table. And when you’re hanging pictures, you will want to make sure that you are centering them. A tape measure can assist you with all these jobs.


Scissors are highly underrated. You can use them to open boxes which are shipped to you, cut tags off your brand-new clothes, open that impossible plastic vacuum-packed container around the new earphones you purchased – In other words scissors can come in handy for a number of things so it is therefore sensible to purchase a sturdy pair.


The lightbulb burns out in your windowless bathroom. If you have bulbs stored in a drawer you will be able to solve the issue within 3 seconds. Otherwise, you will end up showering in the dark before you can go out and purchase some bulbs. Consider getting some now, before really becomes a problem.


Maybe you can use an application on your phone or perhaps your computer, but whatever it is you will need a way apart from using your mind and your rusty grade-school algebra to complete math. For example, it’s unlikely for you to do your taxes without a calculator. And will your roommates
trust your long division whenever you split common expenses with only paper and pencil? Be certain and buy a calculator.


If the power goes out, you will be glad you have one. Enough said.

When you are planning to move into a new home, it is a good idea to ensure that you have these essentials, so that you can solve any problem that may arise as you are settling in.

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