Furnishing your First Home

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Purchasing your first home in the Beautiful British Virgin Islands is exciting, but it is also a daunting experience when you move your old things in and realize that both you and your old furniture don’t fill the area or the requirements of a real home. Often, you will have to budget carefully to be able to obtain the products you need but still be in a position to save for a rainy day. It is important to make sure that you purchase quality items where it counts, and only scrimp in the areas which will not affect your daily life. It is essential that you first obtain the things that you need to enable you to live in your home comfortably and build on your furniture and decor in time and at your leisure. Here are a few tips to help you to choose what to buy and when to buy the items which you will need for your very first home.

1. beds are one of the most important items you will buy for your home so it is important that you choose a product that will last. It is not a good idea to purchase a used mattress or an extremely cheap bed as they will only fall to pieces and you will be losing lots of money. Do not choose to buy a head board and footboard no matter how beautiful they are over a quality mattress. You might have an attractive resting place, however the rest you will get on a cheap mattress will not be good enough. If you’re not able to purchase a quality mattress immediately, buy comfortable airbed and sleep on that until you have enough money saved for a good bed mattress. A comfortable airbed will often cost around a hundred dollars, and after you have finished with them they can always be used for any guests you may have coming to stay.

2. Outfit the dining area with a table and chairs which can be used for dual purpose when needed. Dining area furniture can be bought fairly inexpensively at discount furniture stores. Choose a table that can be extended for a game night or for when you have company over, and select upholstered chairs that will be comfortable for visitors should you sit around after dinner. Upholstered chairs are also easily moved into the living space for when you have visitors over and can be easily dressed up with slip covers for seasonal parties.

3. Choose a good solid sofa. Not including your bed, your sofa will be the most important item of furniture within your home and is likely to get the most use. It should to be comfortable, durable and upholstered in nice fabric of your choice. It does not need to match your other furniture as this can be covered easily to fit in with your sofa.

4. Search for deals on chests of drawers and wardrobes. These products are very good for storage and look elegant inside a hall or living space, as well as in the bedroom. If there is a lot of closet space in your home, you may decide to place them in there out of sight to hold linens, Compact disks or movies rather than clothes.

5.Make sure you have enough light. Many houses have bright, harsh overhead light fittings which are helpful when cleaning and when you need to see every corner of a room, however these are not friendly on a daily basis. You can purchase affordable lamps at discount stores and use them to soften the edges of the room without restricting the and causing you to feel like you are living in a cave.

Buying your first home is a very exciting time, however it is important to purchase the basics for your home first and then build on this to ensure that you have enough money and also that you are happy with how your furnishings look together, it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement and impulse buy which will be a disappointment in the long run. Buying a first home is one of the biggest milestones in life so make sure that you enjoy it!

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