Hailing from Boston USA, Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and producer, Clinton Sparks is arriving in the Territory today, May 21st, to record songs for his upcoming album, ‘Disco Ball & Chain’.
He could have picked anybody, but Sparks has once again picked Virgin Islander producer, Kamau Georges. Both Sparks and Georges were nominated for a Grammy award in 2012 for their work on Lady Gaga’s album, ‘Born This Way’.
‘He is working on a timeline and my commitment to my duties at the ESHS [Elmore Stoutt High School] currently prevents me from traveling to the US for the length of time needed to get the songs recorded,’ Georges said.
‘It’s definitely a major compliment that given the options he has, he values my talent so much to make time in his busy schedule to come here, since I can’t go there right now.”
In 2011, Sparks signed a record deal with Interscope and released his first single and video entitled ‘Favorite DJ’, featuring Jermaine Dupri and DJ Class.