As the seasons change from Autumn to fall, thoughts tend to turn towards the warmth and luxury of a roaring fire inside your BVI Home, particularly if a night time chill causes you to retreat inside earlier than you’d like! Outside fire places can be very appealing they bring warmth and also the sweet aroma of burning wood on chilly fall evenings.

Outside fire places draw family and friends together to talk, eat together or celebrate, and you can easily extend your outside living deep into fall and early winter if there’s a warmth source. This is the main reason fire pits, fire places and chimneas are fast becoming a popular deck and patio accessory. The additional benefit is that they are a great place to cook (from simply roasting marshmallows and chocolate to baking a pizza) along with a comforting source of light that gives romanticism to any occasion.

Purchasing an outdoor fireplace is a decision which needs to be considered thoroughly. Is this type of deck and patio accessory really what you are looking for? Is it the right decision for your family and your home? Prior to going out and get a brand new outside fire place, consider these essential details –


Fire places could make your patio the your favorite space and be a popular place to spend time with friends and family.

The aesthetic worth of a genuine-fire smell and also the soothing seem of the crackling fire.

The exercise and satisfaction of creating your own fire and chopping up your own wood if you opt to get out there and harvest it yourself.

Also, outside fire places are often the only method to legally have a fire on your property. If you reside within city limits there may be laws against having fires which aren’t enclosed.


Safety factors are always the most crucial responsibility around any fire. You have to be prepared to keep a close eye on your fire for the whole time it is burning, particularly if you have young children who may put their hands into the fire or on the hot surfaces.

Maintenance regimes may differ in time and intensity based on which kind of fire place you purchase, but it will be a regular and necessary task. You will have to empty ashes and cast iron fire places will require regular care to prevent rusting.

If you buy a fire place which has a pit design with no chimney or flue then smoke may hover at head level and cause annoyance to both you and your neighbors. Fire places with no flue burn less effectively and often smolder a lot more because of insufficient air flow.

When you are considering purchasing an outside fire place, consider where you will be using it. If you are planning to use it on wood decks or in close proximity to flammable material this could be hazardous, specifically for clay fire places which are known to fail and break unexpectedly. Cast iron fire places often stain the surface they are placed on.

An easy solution for outside warmth and light is a tabletop fire bowl, which typically lights with a clean-burning gel fuel. To cover a larger area, there are portable options like a chimnea or fire bowl. The chimnea is similar to a potbelly stove, and enables a fire to light rapidly, burn more than a conventional fireplace and keep smoke from your eyes. The design also safeguards against rain extinguishing the flame.

Fire bowls are available in many styles and sizes, so are easily adaptable to many outdoor situations. Adding a grate over the top and it can be used for cooking, choosing one with wheels may be beneficial to you as then it is possible to transport the fire to wherever the party is happening. Fitting it with mesh screens reduce sparks.

You should read and stick to the manufacturer’s instructions which will advise you how to use and put out your fire bowl. For example, putting a fire bowl near structures, trees or overgrown roof-lines ought to be avoided. So ensure you read the instructions and follow the same safety precautions you would with an open fire.

A fire pit may also be designed and built to be a permanent fixture on the patio area. They may be built of stone, brick or concrete and will provide both warmth and cooking facilities.

A conventional fire place with chimney is definitely the most impressive option for outside entertaining all year round, but they do not have to be traditional in the way they look or function. For structural integrity and adherence to safety codes, it is always best to employ a licensed designers and builders who will have a greater knowledge of the type of fireplace that would best suit your surroundings.

An outdoor fireplace will enhance your life more than any luxury appliance you may purchase for the inside of your home, just imagine getting home at the end of the day and enjoying a glass of wine round a warming fire. Families and friends have been brought together to chat and share stories for many years and this is something that is available for you to enjoy all year round.