Being fortunate enough to live here in The British Virgin Islands really is a dream come true, with the perfect weather and beautiful beaches there is not much else one could wish for… however if you are looking to perform some home improvement and want to make your home more luxurious, why not add a hot tub to your little piece of paradise. Hot tubs are not just a gimmick, they are perfect for that early morning refresher, late night soaks to sit and view the stars or a great for social family gatherings. Hot tubs are also very therapeutic for the body and soul, easing stress and any aches and pains.

Designing a Custom Deck for Your Hot Tub
There are three main factors to consider when designing the custom deck for your new hot tub.

1. First of all the deck must be fully level and secure so that it doesn’t sink or shift

2. The deck needs to be sturdy to enable it to take the weight of the hot tub when it is full and has people in it, just as a guideline- hot tubs can weigh 3,000 pounds or more when they are full and with the weight of several people it can become even heavier so the materials used should be capable of withstanding this type of weight.

3. It is important also that the deck is bigger than the hot tub to enable easy access in and out for those using it and also the space around the tub will help when you need to perform maintenance.
Hot Tubs and Second Story Decks
If you are lucky enough to have a deck coming from a bedroom on the second story of your home, you may be considering installing your hot tub there so that you can enjoy the view and convenience. Having a hot tub upstairs can then be made into a private retreat, away from neighbors and if you have views from your backyard it is the perfect setting to enjoy them. As mentioned above you will need to make sure that the deck is able to withstand the weight of a hot tub, and it may be the case that you have to hire a contractor to add additional support to the deck to ensure it is strong enough.

More Custom Deck Considerations
1. There are several other considerations which need to be thought about when you decide to have your custom deck in your yard.
2. The deck needs to be fairly close to the house so that you don’t need to go to far to use your tub.
3. You will need to ensure that there is an electrical box close to the deck so that you can plug the tub in and run the electric to it easily.
4. Ensure that there is a hose nearby so that the hot tub can be filled with ease. Drainage around the deck will need to be adequate as it is necessary to drain and fill your tub periodically.

Build Your Deck Around Your Hot Tub!
Mostly when people choose to place a hot tub on a deck, they build the deck first and then place the tub on it. However there is another option which you may prefer – why not build the deck around the hot tub? This can help to create more space around the tub and give it a more built in look.

Patio Materials
If you decide that you would prefer to put your hot tub on a patio, and you are in the designing and planning stage, the most important decision you will make first is which materials you will use. In previous times patios were strictly made from cement slabs, however now quite often they can be made out of brick, stone, slate, stamped or colored concrete. Whatever type of materials you may choose, make sure first and fulmost that it can stand the weight of the hot tub as mentioned before and if you have a contractor building your patio be sure to inform them that you plan to install a hot tub on the area so that they know what steps to take.
Patio Design 101
If you do not have much knowledge on how to design and plan a patio to surround your hot tub, don’t despair as many hot tub dealers and manufacturers offer software which will help you create the patio you want. The software can be installed on your home computer or many have the option for you to set up an account on their website to use the software online. The programme helps you plan and design your perfect patio and helps you choose the type of surroundings you want, it is good to get an idea of how the finished article will look.

Create Your Own Patio Planner
When you are shopping for hot tubs, it is a good idea to create your own plan to take with you so that you can give the sales assistants an idea of exactly what you are looking for, it is a good idea to include measurements, type of materials you want, photographs of your yard. A patio planner can also help you to decide on colors and designs so that you can take it home and decide how it would look.
The Big Picture
When you are planning and designing your hot tub it is not only the materials, location and the size which needs to be considered. You will also want to consider the landscaping elements, Would you like a water feature in addition to your tub? What types of trees, plants or shrubs will complement the hot tub? Do you have a view from your yard? If so where would be the best location for the tub? All of these decisions are vital for you to ensure you get the perfect hot tub for your home.
Privacy and Your Backyard Planning
Some people are happy to have their hot tub out in the open, while others would prefer a little more privacy when they are relaxing. Location is a very important part of the planning process, do you want to be in full view of the neighbors? Where is the best place to put your hot tub so that you can have maximum privacy? It may be that you will need to put up trellis around the tub so that you cannot be seen or even fencing the area off. Other options for privacy include purchasing a gazebo or enclosure which will surround the hot tub, this will not only keep the tub private but also create a cozy feeling.
Not only will you and your family get lots of enjoyment from your purchase, you may also be making a good financial decision for the future as a hot tub can actually increase the value of your home. So now that you have these basic tips for hot tubs and installation, what are you waiting for!