Easy Christmas Craft ideas for Kids

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Keep the kids busy while you are decking the halls of your TORTOLA RENTAL and baking snacks with these easy Christmas crafts. The good news is that it’s not necessary to spend lots of cash to create these Christmas crafts.

Carols in the air, kids under your feet – you may be wondering how you can keep your little oned occupied while you get your house ready for the holidays? These simple Christmas craft ideas should keep them busy:

Here comes Suzy Snowflake

Kid-friendly scissors and plain white paper are the starting point for making a snowflake. Fold the paper in two, then fold the right side of the paper over at a 60 degree angle and follow with the left side (this will give you your six-point snowflake shape). You will have a triangular with ‘tails.’

Next- cut off the edges of your shape in an arc – you will now be left with a pie-shaped piece of paper. Cut small bits of your pie slice away then carefully unfold your snowflake. To enhance this Christmas craft further, you can glue a piece of colored tissue paper to the back of the snowflake and hang it in a window.

A Christmas craft for the little angel

Does your little girl love making her own jewelry? Encourage her to think a little more at this time of the year to be festively creative. She may enjoy taking those beaded, braided or otherwise created strands for her necklaces and brecelets and turn them into Christmas ornaments, festive tree decoration or decorations to put on wrapped gifts.

A Christmas craft for that reluctant crafter

Is your son more likely to want to play with cars and trucks than to enjoy a little craft-time at Christmas? The key is to give him an appealing and easy Christmas craft idea: If he doesnt decorate his own stocking, Santa may not leave anything fun in it! Any child, boy or girl will be perfectly happy to plaster their name on their stocking using glitter, glue or paint.

All-in-one craft materials

If you aren’t the craftiest parent, don’t worry, you can find many sets with easy to make kids crafts, so you can sit them down and they will be able to follow the instructions to create their very own decorations for the tree or walls.

So when you are working hard at preparing the family home for your holiday guests, the children will not only feel like they are helping, they will also be having fun doing it and allowing you to get all the tasks that must be done before the big day.

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