Earth Day Environmental Clean up in BVI

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On April 15 2011 The British Virgin Islands Conservation and Fisheries Department will be holding Earth Day which will be celebrated by way of inviting residence to participate in a clean up. Earth Day which is usually held on April 22 will be conducted in the Baughers Bay area and will commence at 3.00pm on the beach.

The clean up will be the territory’s environmental service activity and will be held under the name ‘Billion Acts of Green’. The event is held so that people who live on the islands and those around the world are reminded of how important the world is to us and how it should be looked after so that we can continue living on it. It is also to remind that each of us has a shared responsibility to care for the earth by looking after the environment around us.

Cynara Duncan is the Environmental Education Officer with the Conservation and Fisheries Department and he describes the population of the world as ‘Environmental Stewards’. Locals, civic groups, schools, churches, businesses, volunteers are all invited to register with the department and take part in Earth day so that they can help preserve the environment.


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