The proof that you are a BVI resident will be enough, and the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB)has promised huge discounts at local hotels and spas, under the 2013 staycation initiative.
Market Development Officer at the BVITB, Ms. Lynette Harrigan explained that since 2009, the Staycation initiative has grown with more people within the industry offering discounts to residents living in BVI PROPERTY. ‘I do have to say thank you to the properties that come on board because we have five star properties, villas, spas, car rentals and some great sailing packages so residents can really and truly take advantage of these specials and we have Dolphin Discovery offering a 50 percent off. You just have to show that you are a resident of BVI and that´s it,’ Ms. Harrigan said.
‘Maybe residents might have that feeling that they might not be as welcome as if they go oversees, but that stigma needs to stop because I never had a case where people have vacationed and said they have not have a great time, or indeed that they were not welcomed.” she concluded.