The Cada Players’ cast of ‘Ringmaster’ invites all lovers of stage shows, to join them at the College Theater for an exciting experience in performance art.
According to show producer Sarah Penney, ‘Audiences will be amazed at the strength, depth and mastery of the local talent showcased in this production.’ Co-producer and founder of the Players, Joanne Penney, added that, ‘This is our 17th show since we began in 1997, and we aim to fully satisfy those with an appetite for a quality show that begins and ends on a high note.’
‘Ringmaster’ takes audiences on a journey through the dreams of Renaldo, the Ringmaster, as he struggles to win the heart of his life-long love, Mariella.
The entire cast of ‘Ringmaster’ has generously donated their time and talent so that all proceeds can benefit Harmony House, the children’s home in Haiti run by Hands On Volunteers.
The choreography is influenced by Samba, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Modern, Waltz, Jazz, Ballet, and also Slavic dance. Meanwhile acrobats, clowns, jugglers and gypsies intersperse the fun and frolic of the circus.