‘With its series of small villages and close-knit communities, there is a home-like feel to The British Virgin Islands. The people here are one of The BVI’s best kept secrets; they are a church-going, community-spirited group who believe in helping one another and welcoming visitors to their islands. They are proud and resourceful and have made the transition from a largely rural economy of farming and fishing just a few short decades ago to one of tourism and international finance easily.

‘The people of The British Virgin Islands have their roots in Africa, but their culture is firmly Caribbean. The families of many BVIslanders have been here for generations. But The BVI has also been infused with people from many other islands and countries, and whose presence has turned the islands into a Caribbean and global melting pot.

‘The British Virgin Islands culture is reflected in its many art forms including such indigenous music as fungi, a form of scratch band music. But music here also encompasses Caribbean imports such as steel band music whose melodic sounds originated in Trinidad. Reggae from Jamaica and salsa from Latin America, add to the cultural mix. The Heritage Dancers, an island folk dance group, performs dances from The British Virgin Islands, but also ones that have their roots in other islands and countries. Local artists, whose works are sold in galleries around The BVI also celebrate the islands’ culture. The ‘Wall,’ a long and colourful mural along Tortola’s Ridge Road, depicts many aspects of BVI heritage and has become a popular island attraction.’

(source: Tourism, Virgin Islands Daily News)