If you are house-training a puppy and have to be away from your BVI HOME for quite a few hours every day, it may be a good idea to build an inside play room for your dog. These rooms are far more comfortable than small crates, and when the area is filled with toys and amenities, your pup will thank you for this.

Once you remove all the furniture from the room, you may need to make use of a storage unit, you can easily locate your nearest one by searching on the web.

When the room is empty, it’s time for you to carry out some alterations. Depending on how old the dog is, you may want to install a doggy door, ideally one which leads outdoors right into a gated area where your pup can play and also relieve himself. If you do not install a doggy door, you’ll require a doggy toilet, and it is usually best to place this as far away from his sleeping area as possible.

Inside his room you will need to ensure there is water and food, chew toys and a lot of ventilation. In fact you may want to put a large window in the room if it doesn’t already have one. If you have to walk through the room frequently, it will be sensible to put the dog’s play area in the corner of the room. Also, make sure you’ve tile or hardwood floors in the room, as this will make it much easier to clean up the inevitable accidents.

If your dog is a television lover, bring a TV into the room and leave it on animal planet while you are out.

Rugs, padded beds and pillows are nice amenities, particularly if your pup is a burrower.

Indoor playrooms are a great alternative to crates. They ensure that your dog is in a comfortable, yet contained environment. By having an indoor play room, you can be sure that the he is entertained and that your furniture is not getting ruined while you are out.