ST. THOMAS- After months of organizing, and countless, endless days and nights of repeatedly performing their dance moves hoping on the day to give a flawless performance, the time has finally arrived for the children to take center stage on Friday for the 2011 St. Thomas Carnival’s Children’s Parade. Also the parents of the dedicated children are hoping that the significant amount of money they have all designated finally comes to fruition
The Carnival will see the extravagant costumes depicting this year’s theme, ‘Let Our Cultural Spirit Enliven, Carnival 2011,’ the parade will make it’s way from Market Square to Lionel Roberts Stadium.

The children do an excellent job, and the parade is always a wonderful success. Visitors often comment on the energy and overall performance of the children. Making comments like ‘that was really amazing, the smallest kids were out there really having a grand time, it was great’.
Steel pan music, children dressed in their fantasies of Disney land, candy and pokeman, little circus members from lions and monkeys to clowns and acrobats, Japanese outfits and dragons, Indians and majorettes – the performance our young Virgin Islanders give is first class.