Carrot Bay Development, Tortola, BVI, Seeks Public Input

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Over 60 residents came out to hear of the development plans for the Carrot Bay community at a public meeting last Thursday. Chief Planner in the Town and Country Planning Department Mrs. Marva Titley-Smith said, ‘We have some issues that we want to discuss in terms of the physical development of Carrot Bay. We have some ideas as well but we want to get your feedback in terms of options for this community’s development.’

Mr. Louis Potter, Consultant with L. Potter and Associates, presented an overview of the development process which will be conducted in four stages: survey, analysis, plan and development guidelines. The presentation also identified the methodology, need for retaining walls, erosion, and the need to preserve the natural ghuts.

Mr. Potter highlighted the topography of the soil and its ability to deteriorate quickly once left exposed. This information addressed an area of concern to potential homeowners in the area. The steepness of the slope, the ability to cut roads into the hillsides and the congestion of the north shore coastal road were other areas identified by the consultant to be addressed for future development.

Residents were also asked to list their top three areas of concern and select a reclamation preference. They are encouraged to return completed questionnaires to the Town & Country Planning Department located on the main floor of the West Atrium in the Central Administration Complex. The Department will use feedback from the questionnaires to help shape the development options. The date and time of the next meeting will be announced in the near future. says of Carrot Bay, ‘Once a bustling fishing village, Carrot Bay is a centre of local island life, glimpsed from the picturesque drive along its coastal road. Here you will find some of the best local food in the islands.’


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