BVI Women Athletes form Commission

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With the aim to educate and help every female in the Virgin Islands envision a future where there’s equality of opportunities in sports, the British Virgin Islands Women and Sport Commission (BVIWSC) has been formed.

‘We are going to be dedicated to having a positive influence on gender equity, the empowerment and access for women to an enriching sport experience. Working together, with the BVI Olympic Committee as well as all organizations, associations and federations we shall lead the advancement of sport for the benefit of the participants and society,’ said President Michel Penn.

Penn, upon election, automatically gains a seat on the executive body of the BVI Olympic Committee and is entitled to play a pivotal role in the policies and decisions as it regards women in sports.

One of the roles of the Women in Sports Commission is to advice the British Virgin Islands Olympic Committee on the policy to deploy in the area of promoting women in sports.

When asked how she saw the formation of the Commission improving and enhancing the participation and involvement of women in sports in the Virgin Islands, Penn said she foresees the Commission as the vehicle for helping women and female athletes currently in sports and those who have, being able to exchange and share ideas on best practices and create a network of all women and female athletes involved in sport.

‘This is a golden opportunity to learn about each other’s vision for women and female athletes in sports in the BVI. Eventually after all the awareness, an action plan can be developed for the enhancement of all women and female athletes involved in sports and recognize the contributions others have made,’ she said.

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