Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands is set to receive two 250 kW wind turbines.

Peter Island Wind Project will be the first commercial wind turbine installation in the British Virgin Islands. The turbines will operate off the local government’s power grid, and they are expected to provide more than 60% of the island’s peak load energy requirements.

The WES30 Mk1 Hybrid from Netherlands-based Wind Energy Solutions will be used, and the installation is scheduled for January 2010. The most critical factor in the actual schedule will be the manufacturing and shipping of the wind turbines. It appears the current factory commitments will allow the equipment to be delivered as originally proposed with less production time required. It is hoped the Planning process will be completed by the end of September.

Peter Island already operates off the government grid with its own diesel power plant and desalination facility. It is anticipated the two (2) turbines will provide in excess of 60% of the peak load energy requirements.