More than 60 islands make up the British Virgin Islands group, some rising just higher than the reef around them. They have names from pirate times, like Dead Chest and Mosquito Island. The BVI promotes itself as the sailing capital of the world, and with so many safe anchorages and light trade winds, they offer ideal sailing. There are no airstrips big enough to carry jets to the islands, so arrivals by boat are common. Today every type of craft, from Russian billionaire super-yachts to modest cutter, explore the islands.

If you go for a sailing holiday, you’ll find many exotic hideways and exclusive hotels throughout the BVI, many frequented by celebritities, from actors to princes. There is superb diving, where wrecks litter the seabed.

If you aren’t lucky enough to own your own sailboat, try a charter, either pure sail or motor yacht. There are also sailing lessons available. The BVI is home to the world’s largest bareboat charter fleet. Take a look at for more information.