The 2nd annual Go Green St Patrick’s Day Event was a big success. The Go Green day is a beach clean up at the Bitter End Yacht Club. Rusted pontoons, discarded jerry jugs, torn fishing nets, and bags and bags of various ‘boat detritus’ and flotsam and jetsam were collected by volunteers from North Sound and Eustalia Sound.

Teams of hotel guests aboard Bitter End’s fleets of Boston Whalers were joined by captains and crews from visiting private and charter yachts moored, docked, and anchored in North Sound. Together and apart, they combed the shorelines of Prickly Pear and Eustatia Islands, and the beaches and mangroves of Virgin Gorda (surrounding North & Eustatia Sounds). Participants ranged in age from five to 75.

An actual St Patrick’s Day party was help at the yacht club following the collection. The club hopes the event called attention to the need to maintain the pristine beauty of the BVI, one area at a time.