The BVI International Finance Centre plans to expand its reach in 2011, in partnership with the private sector, to expand to new markets that can benefit by access to BVI services.

Sherri Ortiz recently wrote for, ‘It has been gratifying to observe increasing interest in the BVI, as exemplified by the jurisdiction’s position as the world’s foremost incorporation domicile as well as a leading centre for fund services. Its global appeal is down to a sound and business-friendly platform of legislation combined with flexibility and user-friendliness.

‘This is the product of a close and long-standing relationship between the private sector and public bodies, including the regulator, the BVI Financial Services Commission. It has helped build a reputation for innovation that is a key competitive advantage in the global marketplace and enabled the financial industry to thrive even under adverse global economic conditions.

‘We will be taking this message to fast-growing markets such as Latin America, China and Russia where increasing wealth is prompting a greater focus on investment planning and structuring issues.

‘In a world of increased regulatory focus, it’s incumbent upon jurisdiction such as the BVI to demonstrate that we are capable of satisfying new regulations as they arise. Clients need to know that the BVI is not the kind of jurisdiction that will end up on blacklists or suffer sanctions. What they appreciate about doing business in the BVI is our position as a well-regulated and well-respected jurisdiction that upholds international standards…A level playing field with international standards and transparency principles is the key to a sustainable international financial industry.’