The British Virgin Islands Boat Show will be held on Tortola Nov. 5-7. The Charter Yacht Boat Show allows the Vacation Yacht Brokers from all over the world to view the Caribbean charter fleet at one location the week before their charter season officially begins mid-November.

There are many yachts that will be sailing from their off-season anchorages to make sure they are on-deck to meet the various charter yacht brokers during this very important three days of inspections.

Each morning of the Boat Show the crews re-polish every inch of their yachts and prepare it for the viewing by brokers. Each day of the show, the crews welcome aboard the people who will be promoting their business throughout the year. The crews are dressed in their best stuff, and each morning they prepare appetizers and beverages for all who visit. Also every day there are events for participants, such as expos, live entertainment, contests, education seminars, BVI Governor’s Reception, and a napkin folding contest for the chefs of each yacht.

Crewed chartered vacations in the BVI serve clients from around the world, and the member-yachts of CSY are viewed as the best of the charter industry. The Charter Yacht Society was founded in 1982 by the owners of crewed yachts in the BVI. Charter Yacht Society is the education arm, and advocate for the issues facing the charter industry within the BVI.

(resource: BVI Charter Yacht Society Boat Show)