The 2011 Billabong BVI Kite Jam returns to Necker Island, in BVI, Feb. 26-March 4. The competition attracts pro and amateur riders from all over the world to sail in a relaxed atmosphere, far away from traffic jams and city stress.

This year’s locations have been selected, the flat waters identified, and winds expected to average around the 12-15 knot range. Conditions aren’t brutal, and, if anything, are also great for the learner or intermediate.

According to SurferToday, ‘The 2011 Billabong BVI Kite Jam means ‘no pressure.’ All kiteboarders know that peers decide the overall winner, so prepare to enjoy and train your speed and tricks. Richard Branson has been training hard and might be a strong contender. Expect great food, tasty cocktails, beautiful girls and boys and heavenly sights. ‘We intend to show the world how much of a diverse sport kiteboarding is and how all disciplines can be enjoyed in the beautiful British Virgin Islands,’ promises Charlie Smith, co-founder of the BVI Kite Jam.’

Watch a video at and plan to join us in BVI for the event.

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