LIME BVI is connecting with the BVI community by embracing this year’s August Festival theme. LIME announced it is pleased to sponsor local resident and costume designer Terrance Browne in conjunction with Freedom Mas Camp.
LIME gave their Fleming St store a new look for the festival. Amongst the decorative palms, feathers, balloons and all things glitter and glamorous for 2011 August Festival, they created a wave of excitement at the store at 2pm last Friday afternoon. Local DJ Bertrum was on hand all afternoon to pump up the volume on calypso tunes from local band Extreme.
The afternoon was topped off with a brilliant display of stunning costumes on some very beautiful all-Caribbean models. The combination of the models, the vibrant colors of the costumes, as well as the calypso tunes, brought in the crowd from outside to join the crowd already inside the store.
LIME invites all BVI residents, young and old to join their sponsored troupe to celebrate the BVI’s 177th year of freedom from trans-Atlantic slavery. This upcoming event is another opportunity for LIME deliver on its promise to build, connect and serve the BVI community.
The first 150 registrants receive a LIME pack which includes a LIME water bottle, LIME rag, LIME bandana – all contained in a neat LIME backpack. This year LIME is leading the way in playing ‘mas with class’. LIME is constantly working on improving life in the Caribbean, not only by their telecommunication services, but by sponsoring festival groups such as ‘Freedom Mas Camp’. These events can benefit the community and all the locals can enjoy themselves whilst supporting such events.