Whether you are preparing to put your British Virgin Islands Home on the market or you simply want to make a change so that it looks more attractive, here are some inexpensive tips to ensure you get just what you want – The best house on the block!

1. Purchase a new door. The front door of your house is definitely the most important detail of your home as it is the first thing passers by, visitors and potential buyers will see. It is easy to give the entrance to your home a lift by giving it a new coat of paint, one of the best effects are wood colors such as mahogany.

2. Consider Shutters. If your home is older, purchasing shutters are a good way to add charm and character without it costing the earth. You can find relatively inexpensive shutters in homestores or alternatively if you want an individual feel why not look in antique shops. This is also a way to add vibrant colors to your home should you wish to do so.

3. Accessorize. Brass knockers, mail boxes, and lamps are all small investments which will make your house look great, however as these items can lose their shine over time so choose tarnish-free pieces, House numbers, kick plates and doorbell buttons are also good options.

4. Tidy up the grounds. Trim bushes to ensure that doorways and windows aren’t hidden. Fill window boxes with vines, geraniums, and ornamental grasses, or plant perennials like climbing hydrangea. Your garden should complement the design of your home. If your property is contemporary, disregard the old-fashioned flowering plants and choose carefully trimmed spruces or spiral topiaries.

5. Paint right. Traditional colors are popular and the classics never go out of style, there are many different colors and shades to choose from and it is probably a good idea to check out the homes you like and ask the owners for the names of paint colors. Painting your home is likely to be the most expensive improvement in this list so do not hurry your choice.

These 5 simple tips will help you to improve the outside of your home fairly inexpensively, so that visitors or potential buyers will feel welcomed into your home, and have a good impression from the first moment they arrive.