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Lots of people say kitchens and bathrooms are a big selling point for homes.

Purchasers like both these rooms to be neat and in move-in condition. They would like to unpack their dishes and glasses along with their toiletry bag and feel at ease in their new home immediately.

Many homeowners, however, do not have time, energy or financial assets for major bathroom and kitchen renovations. Possibly throughout their time in the home, the seller focused on turning the basement into a media room or making essential roof repairs. When it’s time to sell, just how can a cash-strapped seller attract purchasers who want – even expect – an upgraded bathroom and kitchen?

Listed here are three affordable, quick, easy ways for beautifying your kitchen area and bathroom before putting your home onto the market.

1. Paint the cabinets.

It is likely to be too expensive to go out and purchase brand new cabinets just before you sell. However if you despise the old pine or dark grain cabinets from 20 years ago. A quick fix would be to paint them white, this way your kitchen will appear lighter, brighter and cleaner. A brand new coat of paint will make your kitchen look like new, and will attract many buyers.

2. Put new hardware on the kitchen cabinets

After you’ve brightened up the kitchen with some fresh paint, add some shiny new cabinet door hardware. This hardware together with the new fresh paint will add the finishing touch which will impress buyers. Buyers’ eyes will be drawn away from the older counter tops or appliances. And, considering that the cupboards at eye level, the hardware might be the very first thing they notice in the kitchen area.

3. Re-grout or clean the bathroom tile and grout.

Bathrooms ought to be sanitary places and a new buyer will want to feel completely comfortable in their new bathroom. Nothing is more of a turn off than a bathroom with dirty moldy grout, the least that can be done to combat this problem is to spend an hour or so scrubbing the tiles with a toothbrush and bleach. When the bathroom is simply too far-gone, you may want to invest money into a tiler to re-grout the tiles. This will give the bathroom a brand new, clean feeling.

Although there may be more pressing projects which need to be completed prior to selling, the bathroom and kitchen are a vital part of any house and important for any buyer. These few tips are quick and easy and will impress any potential purchaser visiting your home.

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