Online offered to share their blog on hurricane preparedness with us. We wrote some tips in June, but one can never be too prepared. Visit their blog for all of the 100 tips. Here are the 1st 12, for General Supplies:

1. Pack a to-go bag: This overnight bag should be easy to take with you if you have to evacuate in a hurry and should include a change of clothes, bottled water, flashlight and important documents.
2. Cash: ATMs and credit card machines may not work for a while after the storm.
3. Battery-operated radio: Make sure you have extra batteries too, so that you can keep up with news reports and alerts. Hand-crank radios work well, too.
4. Secure a two-week supply of prescription medicine: Anyone on prescription medications, as well as pregnant women, should pack a two-week supply of their meds in a sealable plastic bag, clearly labeled. Include instructions for taking the medications, too.
5. Flashlight and lanterns: Make sure you have a couple of flashlights, candles, matches, lanterns and other alternate sources of light.
6. Personal hygiene items: It might be hard to get to the store to buy toilet paper, tissues, soap and other sanitary items after the storm.
7. Extra keys: Having an extra set of keys in your kit is a good idea in case people get separated or if they’re lost in a flood or the confusion.
8. Pet items: Remember food, medicine and water for your pet, too.
9. Disinfectant: You never know what mess you’ll have after a storm.
10. Checklist: This printable checklist can serve as a guide for your own personal checklist. Give one to each family member to personalize.
11. Extra batteries: You’ll need extra batteries for your radio, flashlights, and other items. Get these early before they all sell out.
12. Prepare early: Emergency items sell out quickly at the stores, so stock up your kit before hurricane season even starts, and replenish food supplies every six months.

Other categories in this extensive review are
*First Aid
*Repair & Maintenance
*Food & Water
*Power Outages
*Special Needs
*Staying Informed

Be sure and read the full blog, as you will probably find some ideas to help you and your loved ones be ready for our next major storm.