10 Reasons to Install a Home Theater

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Have you always dreamed of having your very own home theater? Do you have a spare room in your BVI Home? Here are 10 reasons to indulge yourself and invest in your very own home theater system!

1. Endless Options. To enjoy the comforts and conveniences of home can be more enjoyable. With today’s blue ray, 3-D, dvd, cable, or satellite you can view nearly everything you want to in your own home. You choose, put it on your screen and watch things how you want to.

2. Go far without going out. When you have a home theater all the action and drama comes to life and will keep you on the edge of your couch, bed or dining table. You are able to bring all the entertainment to you instead of going out of your home and encountering busy streets, using gas, time and effort

3. Relax. You’re in your own home, so make yourself comfortable. It isn’t Broadway, so you don’t need to bother getting dressed up, filling the tank or calling a sitter… but if you wish to anyway, go right ahead. You can be as comfortable as you want to and be safe in the knowledge that there will be nobody showing up who isn’t invited.

4. Choose your Settings. You know all about compromise. Want more light, but your partner would like less? Or what about different sound levels for different things you watch. You can set your home theater up your way and adjust the settings to your taste to make your viewing experience perfect for you and your spouse.

5. For frugal flick fans. You may love movies, but a ticket nowadays can cost more than a decent meal. Queues, limited seating and sky-high snack prices damper the experience of visiting a movie theater, particularly when it can be done your way without needing to pay. You will no longer need to worry about checking showtimes and planning around them. No longer will you need to pay admission fee, you choose what popcorn to pop, what else to snack on, whether you wear shoes or socks or not and how you are comfortable sitting, laying or standing to watch a film. Save lots of cash along the way and you can make a trip to the theater when ever you want to!

6. Surreal Sports. If you like football it is much cooler to watch those hard hits and close-up replays on a screen. For all your sports, highlight shows and dozens of channels, home theaters really are a home run. A home theater allows you to enjoy the game without having to be there without the possibility of being stuck behind a 6 foot 8 fan or perhaps an annoying couple making out. In your own home you can create whatever scene you want for the game, or even DVR the event or watch just part of it.

7. Satisfy everyone. You will want the best system you can buy for the money you have available, and you can have all your friends and family enjoy the benefits as well. You will no longer need to trek to the different destinations your team are playing at. Bring the action right into your own home with a home theater system that livens your senses, sets the atmosphere you want and when, and keeps visitors coming back for more. Perhaps you should start charging admission.

8. Free up family time. The home theater is here to add excitement and fun to any evening of the week. Whether you work long hours, travel or shuffle the children everywhere they need to be, there’s very little time to plan activities with your family. Having a home entertainment system means you are able to get home from work, press a button and have access to viewing entertainment for the entire family. If you have a large group in your own home, have everybody take a turn in choosing a channel as necessary.

9. So where should you sit? The home theater enables you to plan a seating arrangement to suit your tastes, you could even make a themed room like a bar or try to recreate the feel of an actual movie theater, the options are endless with your own home theater. Whether you would like the theater to be situated in your bedroom, basement, garage, kids’ room, a home theater really is an investment which will add value to your life and property value alike.

10.Best of all – You can do it all over again, when ever you feel like!

So what better way to enjoy your favourite movies, programmes or games than in your sweats on a comfy sofa with your favourite snacks in your own home theater.

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