As major plans continue for the development of a modern facility at the West End Ferry Dock, Premier Andrew Fahie has promised to have an interim structure erected for the port to be reopened for public use by the next couple months.

“The West End Ferry Terminal alone grosses a million dollars for ports [and] we are not even talking about Customs. So, with it being closed, we are losing a million dollars a year, at minimum. We are now pushing to have that opened temporarily by August,” the Premier said.

Fahie, who is the Representative of the First District where the port is located, made the statement during an appearance on the Honestly Speaking with Claude Skelton Cline radio programme on Tuesday, May 28.

August 2019 is the first promised reopening date by his the new VIP government and Premier Fahie said he will not go beyond this deadline, unlike the previous administration who missed all its promised dates to reopen the facility.

“The Managing Director had told me September. I told him I cannot accept that — he has to open that before August 1 and that is something that I strongly recommended and we are working on that,” said Fahie who is also the Minister of Finance.

The West End port has not been operational for public traffic since it was destroyed by Hurricane Irma back in 2017. A public meeting was held just last month to discuss the designs for the new resilient West End port facility.