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Land and Home Slab

The Hard Work Has Already Been Done!

As with building anywhere, a lot of the unknowns and risk in building is in the excavation and getting out of the ground. You never quite know what you might find when you start digging! In this case, the hard work has been done and the risk eliminated. The Sellers designed a home and built a concrete slab. However, Hurricane Irma has led them to reconsider and change direction. They have decided not to be build and to sell the land and slab instead.

The Property lies on the south west coast of Anegada, about 2.5 miles west of the Settlement and 2 miles east of the government dock at Setting Point. It is accessed via the main public coastal road which is concrete to within a few hundred yards of the lot. Surrounding lots remain largely undeveloped, although future development is expected. Cow Wreck Beach Bar and the Anegada Beach Club are within a couple of miles. The property has attractive south-facing views over the ocean and Virgin Gorda. There is a sandy beach within about 250' of the lot, across the public road. The land between the beach and the lot remains undeveloped, with little chance of any structure being built there that might obstruct the views from the subject property, as current Town Planning policy restricts building within 200' of the high water mark.The proposed construction will consist of a one storey single-family concrete home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a swimming pool. Plans for this construction have been approved by the Virgin Islands Building Authority.


Anegada is the northernmost of the Virgin Islands, approximately 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda. Anegada is the only inhabited Virgin Island that is limestone, rather than volcanic, in origin and the island possesses a characteristic flat and low topography. Portions of the interior of the island are below sea level and the highest point on the island measures only about 28 feet above sea level, giving the island its name which translates as 'the drowned land'.Anegada is the second largest of the Virgin Islands, measuring about 38 square kilometres in area, but its population is sparse, with only about 250 inhabitants. The population of Anegada is concentrated in the Settlement, which forms the main town on the island.

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Property Details Price: $265,000
Lot: approx 0.5 acre
Location: Anegada
Location Type: Beachfront
Water: Not Applicable
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Chris Smith
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