We opened the doors of Coldwell Banker Real Estate BVI in 2005. We did so because at that time, whilst around 80% of overseas home and land buyers were from the U.S., there was no recognised US brand Real Estate Agent in the BVI. Since then, with the strength of the global name behind us and lot of local expertise and experience on the ground, we have gone from strength to strength and are firmly established as one of the leading Real Estate Agents in the British Virgin Islands.

Pre the storms of 2017 we had offices at Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola and in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. Our office is currently in the centre of Road Town and by the summer of 2019 we will also have a new office back at Nanny Cay Marina. Our Nanny Cay Marina office has been critical to our success over the past decade. Since many of the buyers in the BVI have been sailing around the islands for many years before they decide to buy a home here, our customers can sail right up to the office!

And now potential buyers are also sailing into Scrub Island Resort and Marina, the first luxury Resort and Marina to be up and running after the storms where we are also now the Exclusive Agents.

‘BVI Villa Rental’ is the vacation villa management and marketing arm of Coldwell Banker Real Estate BVI. Our approach to managing and marketing BVI Vacation Villas is a little different from that of most of our competitors. We have been developing this brand over the past 6 years. Why? Certainly not because we hope to get rich and retire from property management income!

We need luxury accommodation
for affluent people who may become buyers
of vacation homes in the BVI

We do it because other than Scrub Island, there are so few high end hotels in the BVI for an affluent potential buyer to stay in. This was true before the storms of 2017 and is even more true today and for the next few years. For this to work, we need to ensure that their accommodations are in tip top shape and that guests have a fantastic time during their visit to the BVI. One bad day, one dirty pool, shoddy rental car, etc. etc. and they won’t be buying anything! So we have every incentive to ensure that your home in the BVI and your guests are very well taken care of.

We are not chasing each and every Villa for our Program. Over the past five years we have taken our time and slowly built a collection of Villas that not only rent well but are owned by people with whom we can have a good working relationship. We would be delighted to add the completed Scrub Island villas to our collection.


Above all, its about our team. We have more BVI real estate sales and rentals experience than any other BVI Real Estate Broker


We are part of Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates and can boast the most well established network of offices throughout the Caribbean of any Real Estate Brokerage.

Of particular interest are the islands with a particular nexus to the BVI. Bermuda and the Cayman Islands are linked to the BVI via the offshore financial services industry.

The CB Bermuda franchise is by far the largest real estate brokerage on the island and we regularly exchange referrals, expertise and experiences. They are Exclusive Agents for the Caroline Bay development featuring 79 room luxury hotel, branded residences, and a new mega yacht marina.

The CB Cayman Islands franchise is also very strong. The owners actually own the Master CB franchise for the entire Caribbean. The network of lawyers and accountants that work on and between the two islands is a great source of referrals.